Sep 21, 2010

Movies.. Murder.. Madurai..

For the past three years I ve been living in a wonderful city called 'Madurai'. It is the city where almost all Tamil 'mass' movies are based. A city which has inspired a new genre of movies, 'the 3M' (Murder, Mayhem, Madurai) movies.

Now, there are so many 3M movies coming up that the creators are running out of movie titles. So they ve started naming their movies based on well known places in Madurai Subramaniyapuram, Goripalayam are examples. Madurai is full of such localities that would inspire any film-maker to name their movies after. Here are some possible titles for future 3M movies. 

This area is situated in the heart of the city, famous for hard-core non vegetarian hotels like Konar Kadai etc., So the movie based on this area should have the hero working or hanging out in Konar kadai. He may fall in love with the owner’s (read local goon with big mustache) daughter and kill a lot of people before winning her love.

Andalpuram: (I live here… J J)
This area is situated close to Subramaniyapuram. The name of this area has a religious ring to it so the movie should be religion based. The classic God vs Evil story. A young girl, who is highly devoted to Goddess Andal should be tortured by her stepmom/mother in law. With the help of the Goddess herself, the girl should defeat all her detractors.

Im not kidding, there is really an area in Madurai called ‘Jai Hind’puram. Obviously, the movie based on this area should be a patriotic one. Ideally vijayakanth should be cast. The movie should have dialogues like ‘Dei.. na jaihindpurathu aalu da.. desa bakthi na poranthula irunthey enakulla oori pochu da’

Alagappan Nagar/Vasantha Nagar:
This is a highly residential area, so the movie based on this should be a family subject. As with all Madurai movies, violence may follow suit, but it should start as a family movie. An entire family, who once lived happily, is killed by a bad guy. A young boy survives who later grows up and kills the bad guy.

This is the major Madurai bus-stand. So, the story should be based on the power-struggle between two Madurai goons and an innocent bus-driver who gets caught. He soon loses his innocence and kills the two others. There will be a police officer who does not arrest him because the guy he killed were ‘poisons to the society’.

This area is a very small area in Madurai. It literally means ‘skin of gold’, so the movie based on this should be a skin flick or as local would call it, a ‘gilugilupaana padam’.

Other areas in Madurai which has huge potentials to be movie titles:

By the looks of it, I think there are lots of 3M movies coming our way.


VJ said...

Man! The names ring a lot of bells... However, My very poor geography doesn't let me place them at all..

I remember where these are :
mattuthavani (Duh)
Thiruparankundam, (Duh)
Thiru nagar,
Periyar bus stand

I remember hearing the following names:
Vasanth Nagar - alagappan theru was it near that periyar bus stand some perpendicular road inside?
Pasumalai- this was where that SBI was located no?
Palanganatham - this was where that woodys restaurant wa situated if i am not mistaken.

very vague sounds of bells ringing... somewhere in the dark...

Guru_18 said...

@Ashwin: ROFL.. ur blogs are too good da.. hope u remember me.. (PT in 2008 from Tech, ur 'Spade' team-mate :))

Btw, u have missed our area "Thiru-nagar".. i guess there were no previous un-known movies with this title :P

ash G said...

@vasundhara - You remember all pretty well.. your geography seems bang on target..

@Guru - i do remember you da.. i purposely left thiru nagar out.. name is too common...

Yes We (எஸ் வி) said...

Ashwin, good naration machi.. keep it up... expecting more stories like this... :)

ash G said...

kandipa Mr. "Yes We"

$ph!nX said...

Maatuthaavani -

You need an animated movie in 3D about Indian cows (dressed in half sarees) who wage a war against the evil Madurai Butchers, helped by their noble Toros :P

ash G said...

wow.. aneesh.. ur line of thought is outrageous

Abhisekh Jain S said...

You can get into direction soon ;) Really good post on areas in Madurai. But one question why most of your stories involve goons here???

ash G said...

@abhi- all madurai stories involve goons da

மதுரைக்காரன் said...

mmmm...nice post. lol

Anonymous said...

u asshole.... critisizing 2500 years old temple city in net.... i dono who u r , but wen i find u .......
think b4 posting anything...