Jul 20, 2010

What if Superman was a software engineer??????

I don know why I can’t stop writing about superman. I was thinking ( I dunno why…)  how super man would look like if he was working in a software company. Later, I even started thinking about what advantages he gets being a superman. Lot of things, silly and good came up to my mind immediately. I was pretty much sure that he would suffer the same fate all of us suffers.. No one can escape the things software does to us.. Here are some..

  • Superman will lose all his sleek looks and will develop a paunch.
  • He will have no time to shave or sometimes even to take a shower.
  • He will develop dark circles after countless sleepless nights he spent time on….. not fighting crime but fixing bugs.
  • He will look like he badly needs a workout.
  • He will have a sleepy look in his eyes
  • He may even have signs of premature balding.

  • He wears a shirt coz he gotta obey his organization’s dress code.
  • He always wears his ID-Card coz it is more powerful than all his super-powers.;-)
  • He carries a laptop to attend support calls when he is out saving the world.
  • His costume is now highly elastic to accommodate his daily developing belly.

  • He can avoid all the early morning traffic as he can just fly to office.
  • His salary structure does not have any conveyance allowance as his mode of transport does not need any allowance.
  • His performance report will say, ‘Too much time spent on saving the world and not commitment to organizational goals’.
  • He cannot go up the organizational ladder as he always stands by the truth.
  • Once he comes into the office, he removes his cape and hangs it on his chair.. (I’ve seen lot of people do this.. jacket instead of cape)
  • All the female employees and some male employees fear his x-ray vision. :-P
  • He can’t give his office crush a ride home coz he doesn’t own a ride.
Guess i pretty much covered everything.. The sketch was done in a hurry so did some post-processing to make it look better(???!!), hope i din go overboard. 

Thanks for sitting through another of my posts. 


$ph!nX said...

Good one :P Can't he have an Alter ego which protects tears apart his organization at night.. A. La. Hacker ? :P

anisha said...

lol..really a gud one...finally, ur messy sketchy s les messier:D:D

karthika said...

Good one Ashwin..:-) very funny too..

Anonymous said...

Awesome da .....

-- Vasanth

Chiju said...

Nice one!
Also add that once in a while, he'll look into the mirror and say, "Why am I doing this!"

ash G said...

Thanks everyone... :):)

ash G said...
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Param Iyer said...

Good one Ash.. Keep it up.

ash G said...

thanks da... :)

kirant400 said...

good one