Jun 2, 2010

My messy cartoon character

Developing a cartoon character was one of my many- many unachieved dreams. But I never had the right amount of talent/creativity to do it. Above all I lacked the inspiration to create one. Throughout my school life, all I drew was the muscle man; but there was nothing new about him. He wouldn’t qualify as a cartoon character; there was nothing funny about him. College came and went with no source of inspiration whatsoever.

Corporate life is a great source of inspiration. We get to see lot of things that could be easily made into a cartoon. For the people who find everything funny, office is the best place to be. Finally I got an inspiration to develop my own cartoon character. Thanks to Dilbert et all.

I would like to introduce Mr. Nothinleft. He is a guy who dedicated his life for programming. He started out to be a normal guy in a software company. His dedication to his job threw him overboard. He cares about nothing else. The only relationship he has is with his computer. All he wants to do is achieve in his work. What would he do after achieving them?? Even he doesn’t know the answer. His dedication to work was so huge that, he surgically removed all his body part that he considered to be redundant. His body now just has the parts that are needed for software programming – Eyes, Hands and brain (he removed the part of the brain that is needed for socializing).

After losing all that is necessary, now he regrets. He craves for a normal life. He wants a life other than work. So, if I draw any more storyboards based on him; it would be based on his misadventures when he tries to get his life back.

Ya He is Dilbert meets Robocop. Mail me if you have a better name for him, or have any funny incident you could imagine with him in it. 

Will try to develop some storyboards with him soon... 


anisha said...

d brain of Mr.nothingleft s lukin lik cotton candy..or lik a chicken leg piece...d face kinda resembles yu nly...lol..for story try something from ur office itself...do a comic instead of a story board...story boarding s not easy nd s not understandable widout d script besides it...comic vl be more readable...make it a neat mess than a messy mess cartoon...name s fine...different freaky nd a li'l nerdy oso (lik d character himself)...his head luks lik d villan of "the dexter"..lol..

balz said...

dai.. Dilbert is dull.. this character seems duller.. so call him 'dullbert' ;)