May 18, 2010

What qualifies as a messy sketch

Hey guys....  Time for my second post...
this time i would like people to know what qualifies as a messy sketch.. The rules are not big bad-ass ones.. just simple ones.. Here we go

1.   A messy sketch will always be drawn using a black/blue ball pen (Reynolds) on a plain or ruled paper.
2.   Those 'green' guys can draw them on a white board using a marker and take a picture of it.
3.   Need not be funny/informative/anything.
4.   Need not or rather should not be neat..
5.   No colors/Colours... They make them neat..
6.   It can represent anything just for the heck of it.

Most of my sketches obey the rules above.. Rather i designed the rules in such a way that all my sketches fit in..
Happy sketching guys...


Chiju said...

You should frame these and form a league of messy sketchers! Please don't let me in! I make a very bad mess of messy sketches too! :P :P
Vibushan is a good choice! He does awesome sketches! I can't call them messy! But he rocks! :P

anisha said...

wer r yur recent ones???they r wid me @ home.. take them this time!!!!!

vinoth said...

Dude i think i got to find my periodical answer papers especially maths ... they obey all the rules for messy sketch

ash G said...

Vinoth - It perfectly does qualify dude..